• Visor

Reaching new heights in manufacturing.

Almost ubiquitous with the automobile is the valuable, but once overlooked, sun visor. Today, the visor has been elevated to become a stylistic element of a vehicle’s interior with virtually endless possibilities, from basic economical designs to fully integrated, multi-functional components.

As a leader in sun visor development, Irvin has pioneered new lightweight substrate configurations and materials, including recycled plastics and a patented slide-on-rod that enhances both front and side vision protection. All Irvin designs offer modular or single screw attachment to minimize installation effort.

Custom visor development programs can accommodate a virtually limitless array of features and options, answering consumer demands while meeting manufacturers’ standards for durability, life cycle, effort and cycling testing. These include:
• Integrated slide-on-rods
• Ticket clips and universal garage door openers (UGDO)
• Lighted and non-lighted vanity packages
• Low-profile sew seams