From visionary design concepts to the carefully scrutinized final stitch on a seat cover, Irvin brings a commitment to excellence. Today we continue the proud tradition Irvin began nearly a hundred years ago, evolving to supply a wide range of products to a group of diverse industries.

A leader in interior components and systems, Irvin products are creatively designed, quality-made, and real-world tested. Irvin has earned the highest quality awards in the industry and the continued trust of it’s customers. Our customers include the major OEMs of the Automotive Industry, leaders of Aerospace, Mass Transportation, Medical and Furniture Industries.

Irvin offers truly innovative and independent design capabilities with a focus on aesthetics, cost savings, reliability and durability. Irvin can also design to your specifications and easily comply with size and space restrictions. ISO/TS-certified processes result in nothing less than a smooth integration into the overall design of your interior.

Using cutting-edge technology, design concepts are thoroughly evaluated before they become reality. Irvin prototyping facilities construct production-intent samples, which undergo exhaustive feasibility studies and testing. Once in the manufacturing stage, all eyes turn to exceeding your quality expectations and consistently delivering  your products on time.