Mass Transportation

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Transporting the expectations of the industry.

The transportation needs of the world are diverse and ever-changing. From leisure travel, or simply commuting to work or school, mass transit is an integral part of our society. The desire for more efficient, eco-friendly transportation options has triggered an increased demand for mass transit, which in turn drives innovation from all aspects of design and manufacturing of mass transit vehicles.

As a leading developer of automotive interior solutions, Irvin is uniquely qualified and is actively providing valuable, problem-solving insights by working directly with major airlines like Southwest and Delta. Developing solutions for high-speed rail, bus and subway seating, Irvin’s innovative approach considers:
• Durability and serviceability
• Weight
• Product evaluation and testing, including airline/bus federal standards
• Environmental integration
• Space optimization
• Lightweight, durable and recycled materials
• Optimized design for manufacturing capabilities

Going the extra mile, Irvin has become a key provider in mass transit vehicle interior applications and has redefined the expectations of the industry.