Contract Sewing

  • Furniture:Commercial

Comprehensive sewing solutions.

Agility in manufacturing often requires strategic partnerships and trusted allies to optimize a program’s lifecycle or
to accelerate a design-to-release phase. Though these relationships can yield great results, they depend on clear communication, specific core competencies, and a proven track record. Again and again, Irvin has earned the trust and respect of its partners, and is committed to provide the highest level of service and accountability for every assignment.

With some of the largest, most sophisticated facilities on the planet, cut and sew applications are at the center of Irvin’s service offerings, extending far beyond the automotive industry. Irvin Automotive offers:
• Product development
• Program management
• Cost-effective alternatives for product augmentation

Integrating into any industry, Irvin is a turnkey, cut and sew solution, delivering world-class quality, expertise and a competitive advantage. Vast cut and sew facilities, located globally, utilize common systems and approaches to provide seamless continuity in contract sewing services for a variety of non-automotive industries such as apparel, sporting goods, and office and home furniture.