• Armrest

Where comfort, convenience and quality come together.

Consumer expectations drive innovation in automotive interior trends. As consumers’ needs evolve, so must interior features, fits and finishes. Comfort and durability must interface with the latest style, technologies and convenience.
Items like MP3 players, cell phones and USB ports must integrate into the driving experience. At the center of it all, is the armrest or center console.

By integrating armrests into the total seating system for maximum space efficiency and convenience, Irvin can adapt to consumer needs while adhering to rigid OEM hinge and latch operational requirements. Irvin’s functional and stylish
designs offer:
• Storage or non-storage options
• Fold-away feature
• Rear seat pass-through capability
• Articulation
• Durable latch design (utilizing only one moving part)
• Lightweight, die cast aluminum frames
• Easy-open lids

Whether incorporated into the vehicle interior as a center console or center seat back, comfort, convenience and quality come together in every armrest from Irvin Automotive.