Built on a founding principle that lives on today.

Since its inception nearly a century ago, Irvin Automotive has forged a path on this founding principle: Anything that can be imagined can be achieved. It is with this spirit that Irvin continues today, applying decades of experience in automotive interior technologies to provide design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to a multitude of industries spanning the globe.

Irvin’s commitment to excellence began with innovative engineering and design, that carries through today to every quality component and system, earning Irvin the reputation as an industry leader. Working globally with OEM teams, concepts are quickly transformed into reality using the latest in 3D modeling and rapid prototyping technologies. Each component of every program is run through the most exhaustive feasibility studies and testing, from raw material selection to pre-production and production samples.

From automotive to aerospace, medical to military, mass transit to consumer goods like furniture and apparel, Irvin can truly adapt to any challenge with an innovative approach, uncompromising quality, agility and value.